Who will provide my Anaesthesia?

Your anaesthesia will be provided by a fully qualified specialist in sedation. The majority of our anaesthetists are currently working in some of the largest private and public hospitals in Victoria.

Is General Anaesthesia suitable for me?

All of our patients are required to complete a full medical history to ensure adequate screening can be completed to asses your suitability for a procedure with us. In some cases, we may require additional information such as blood tests, ECG results etc.

This will be assessed on an individual basis. 

In some cases, patients medical conditions may be too complex for clinic based care and they will be referred, to be managed in a hospital where additional/more appropriate facilities may be available to ensure a safe procedure for those patients

Is General Anaesthesia safe?

While Australia and New Zealand are among the safest nations in the world in which to have an Anaesthesia, all medical procedures carry a risk. The most frequent complications are nausea, a sore throat and vomiting. Our anaesthetists provide medication during and after if required to assist in preventing these from occurring.

Our anaesthetists are trained to recognize and manage complications quickly and many of them have undergone part of this emergency training in simulators.

What do I do before and on the day of the procedure?

One of our staff will contact you in the days prior to your procedure to ensure you are aware of steps you are required to take prior to undergoing a general anaesthesia. This could include things such as:

  • Fasting
  • Stopping certain medications
  • What to wear

You can also contact us at any time with any additional questions you may have.

What are the costs for a General Anaesthetic?

The out of pockets costs incurred by patients for a General Anaesthetic can vary due to a few factors. This can include the length of procedure and the patients Medicare Safety Net position.

Medicare will provide a partial rebate, unfortunately the General Anaesthetic component cannot be claimed via private health insurance.

We are happy to provide a quote to all patients prior to their procedure to ensure they are aware of their expected out of pocket costs, this allows us to run through all individual circumstances and ensure the patient has a clear understanding.

Where do you offer these services?

Please contact us for treatment locations (Click Here to contact us)